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2015 13/May
  • dimitri snowden finovate 2015

  “Kofax is demonstrating how its Mobile Capture Platform can onboard customers with the right product at the right time with the right risk assessment profile in a completely automated fashion. The mobile account opening solution incorporates mobile image capture, authentication, workflow, real time decisioning, product selection, and digital signature capture to “seal the deal.” […]

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2015 21/Jan

In 2013, Olivia Leong, Head of Commercial and Prepaid Solutions in Asia Pacific had a grand vision to build a single unified platform that provided omni channel data ingestion and normalized data output in the areas of: – Procure-to-Pay Automation – Payables Automation – Spend Managment – Invoice Management – Commercial Payment Consulting Dimitri Snowden was tasked to […]

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2014 14/Dec

Givin’ em’ a taste of their own analytics!  Dimitri Snowden is a Change Agent that has an insatiable appetite for simply making things “better”.  With keen observation, he identified a gap where a huge amount of valuable dark sales data and insight was lying untouched and where there wa no technology was currently serving. Within 5 months Dimitri built […]

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2013 1/Mar
  • Kofax Analytics for Capture designed and architected by Dimitri Snowden.

One week after official acquisition (Kofax acquires Altosoft), Dimitri Snowden was tasked with building the first synergy product that enhanced the core legacy Kofax Capture solution as well as flexed the near real-time process intelligence, visualization and ETL capabilities of Altosoft Insight. This super compressed development sprint proved just how powerful the zero-code platform truly […]

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