Dimitri Snowden Designs Kofax Analytics for Capture

Kofax Analytics for Capture designed and architected by Dimitri Snowden.

One week after official acquisition (Kofax acquires Altosoft), Dimitri Snowden was tasked with building the first synergy product that enhanced the core legacy Kofax Capture solution as well as flexed the near real-time process intelligence, visualization and ETL capabilities of Altosoft Insight. This super compressed development sprint proved just how powerful the zero-code platform truly is.

Kofax Analytics for Capture™ provides optimized out-of-the-box dashboards focused on elevating visibility and performance initially designed and architected by Dimitri Snowden. It delivers interactive views of system performance and productivity metrics to better enable administrators to report on the effectiveness of their capture solution as well as valuable information to improve overall system throughput.

Evaluate and Control Your Operations
Kofax Analytics for Capture drives critical insights into all operational areas to monitor performance, accuracy, and costs.

Monitor Productivity
Drill-down into the number of batches, documents and pages processed over time (hour, day, etc.), per individual, team or per business process.

Make Timely Decisions
Uncover real-time trends through data visualization and manipulation allowing more timely decisions.

Customize Dashboards and Reports
Kofax Analytics for Capture adapts to customers’ unique requirements and supports customization of dashboards and reports.

Realize Immediate Savings
Kofax Analytics for Capture provides both a direct and an indirect return on investment which can quickly be realized through leveraging analytics to optimize your Kofax Capture processes.

As of Kofax CY 14′, Kofax Analytics for Capture has generated over $15.1m in revenue.

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