Dimitri Snowden Launches Pipeline Analytics

Givin’ em’ a taste of their own analytics! Dimitri Snowden is a Change Agent that has an insatiable appetite for simply making things “better”. With keen observation, he identified a gap where a huge amount of valuable dark sales data and insight was lying untouched and where there wa no technology was currently serving.

Within 5 months Dimitri built an analytic application data modeled for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that provided multi dimensional analysis, low level granularity and process intelligence that serves a publicly traded $290m*+ sales organization!  Kofax Pipeline Analytics has fundamentally changed the way the Kofax sales organization views, analyzes and manages the business.

– Overview:  Key metrics pertaining to total pipeline (i.e. opportunities with a close date in the current month plus following 11 months).
– Regions: Pipeline view at the region and sub-region level for the current quarter and three additional quarters.
– Rep Analysis – Sales Rep Pipeline: Shows every reps pipeline (click on a rep’s name to see more details)
– Rep Analysis – Sales Rep Comparison: Allows you to compare up to five sales reps with their peers, the company, a region, or a sub region.
– Products: View the top five and bottom five products in the pipeline (sort by quarter, export to Excel, etc.)
– CRM Integrity – Close dates in the past: View all open opportunities that have a close date older than today.
– CRM Integrity – Older than 1 year: View all open opportunities in sales stage 2 through 9  that were created over 1 year ago.
– CRM Integrity – Sales Stage 4-9 with a $0 value: See all open opportunities that are sales stage 4 or higher but haven’t been given a value.
– CRM Integrity – Marketing Generated Leads (Sales Stage 1) Older than 21 days: View all Marketing generated leads sitting at Sales Stage 1 that were created more than 21 days ago.
– CRM Search: Search for opportunities in CRM by Owner, Account, CRM ID, Partner and Close Date

*Non-GAPP FY14 Revenue $297.7m and non-IFRS FY14 Revenue $297.4m

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