dimitri is an ontological architect

dimitri's method

ontology is dimitri’s way of actualizing the human imagination, intersecting design with human consciousness and co-actively authoring “mindware” into reality.

simply, what he designs, will design you back.

if you want a unique experience for you, your company or end users, partner with dimitri.

hack it

acquire and aggregate digital data from technogloy and and real-world data from humans

design it

use the digital and human data to inform and construct digital and physical designs

experience it

apply the design to create a unique and contextual human experience by blending the digital and physical worlds

dimitri's clients

just a few anyway...

dimitri's twitter

  • @ava @ava we've been on set too! i look forward to crossing paths with you soon! 2 days ago
  • projection is a default mechanism people use to falsely absolve themselves of the insanity they have accepted. 2 days ago
  • RT @talliedar: imagine if schools actually helped kids identify their strengths by exploring their talents from a young age and growing th… 2 days ago

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