in 2009 while reflecting on his early years playing with legos, dimitri found himself becoming increasingly frustrated by the current lacking state of high quality education within urban areas.

“what can i do to introduce tactile mediums into the hands and minds of students that typically would not be able to due to income and access to higher quality education?” he asked himself.

the answer was awsm (pronounced awesome), an 800lb robot.

dimitri designed and built awsm as the initial installment of the k-8 robotic curriculum that integrates into everyday content areas within common core standards.

awsm stands at a soaring 8 “8” when fully extended. it contains 15 degrees of freedom, 19 servos, rolls and lights up, speaks and is semi-autonomous.

in designing awsm, recycled parts from a 2006 yamaha r6, a school bus and a snow mobile were used!

dimitri donated awsm to georgia tech in may of ’16 – the robot can be seen roaming the college.

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