who is dimitri snowden® and what exactly does he do?

i’m an ontological architect

ontology – a set of concepts that explore the properties and relationships between things, how they become and how they exist.

architect – a person who designs and builds shit.

ontology is my way of actualizing the human imagination, intersecting design with human consciousness and co-actively authoring “mindware” into this reality.

more simply: i’m a proud husband, honored father, autodidact, inventor and ontological architect. i design experiences that will influence how you interact with the world around you. my messes have become my messages and those messages are fueling a journey of relentless ambition and pursuit.

i’ve blended my studies of automation technologies, customer anthropology and digital content into this “box” i call an ontological architect

dimitri snowden® designs human experiences

dimitri snowden® is an ontological architect™

dimitri designs brilliant experiences based on a fusion of technology, customer anthropology and digital content.

human beings are moved by emotional and physical stimuli because humans are complex.

dimitri approaches experience design through ontology and ethnographic studies.  his multi-disciplinary approach creates impactful experiences for tv networks, ad agencies, corporations, small businesses, law enforcement and ems.

business and inventions

as dimitri continually refined his ability to create immersive experiences, he was able to foster valuable relationships and opportunities with many national and international brands like radio one, visa and general dynamics.

dimitri was able to use the brand equity from his resume and attract even more clients in the entertainment and commercial verticals.

dimitri has invented several new experience products and services. here are a few:

  • hypervolt – a usb rechargeable AA battery 
  • defense bag – the first 3 or 5 day survival bag that comes with a less-lethal weapon option
  • cognita – a robotic experience design that transforms brand messaging into an interactive robotic experience
  • awsm robot – the first 800 pound, 7 foot tall tracked robot built for k-8 grade charter school curriculums
  • kofax analytics for capture – one of the first real-time ocr analytics platforms that has netted over $15m in revenue
  • kofax analytics for mobile – provides real-time analytics for the mobile onboarding channel


in 2017, dimitri and his family were approached by tlc / discovery channel to star in a reality tv show series titled ‘seeking sister wife‘.

seeking sister wife‘ chronicles the lives of polygynous families from different walks of life as they each move toward finding a sister wife, adding an additional sister wife or life just after a new sister wife arrives.

dimitri and his family have redefined the typical polygamous family template by being the first african american plural family featured on primetime tv.

seeking sister wife‘ has been on air for 3 seasons.

guiding principles

  • be present
    • be inside the moment of now and focus.
  • be open 
    • there is always a way to solve a problem.
  • be prepared
    • stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.