experience design for spaces

simplify · engage · immerse

simple concepts like moving people through lines, centralized floor plans, product display interaction and self service check-out can easily be overlooked.  this spatial oversight is key to lost opportunity, customer attrition or a decrease in customer loyalty.  

immerse customers senses through tactile, dynamic and interactive spaces converting a visit into a brand engagement opportunity.

dimitri’s ontological methodology ensures a that a human-centered approach is in front of systems and processes.

reimagine a customer’s journey by leveraging dimitri’s deep expertise in human behavior, process engineering and automation technologies.

simplify the customer’s spatial journey.

engage customers through the senses.

convert a visit into a sales or learning opportunity.

increase customer loyalty.

commerce experience

the buying experience is one of the biggest factors in customer acquisition and loyalty. a frictionless and engaging space will be key to enhancing customer confidence.

educational learning experience

learning environments are just as important as the content taught within them. an immersive, dynamic and interactive learning space will galvanize curricular expression.

self-service / automated-service experience

blending self-service and automated-service models into a hybrid service model while reducing friction is a complex process. a human-centric approach empowers customers to interact with their environment however they want.

dimitri designed the first k-8 charter school in the united states with a windfarm (5 wind turbines), ergonomic seating and 1:1 student to device curriculum.