experience design for software

automate tasks · streamline processes · leverage omnichannel

an intuitive and frictionless digital engagement is paramount to user interaction.

dimitri’s ontological methodology ensures a that a human-centered approach is in front of systems and processes.

reimagine a customer’s journey by leveraging dimitri’s deep expertise in human behavior, process engineering and automation technologies.

automate manual and error prone tasks.

uncover exceptions and dark processes.

extract analog content and digitize.

leverage omnichannel engagement.

robotic process automation experience

repetitive and manual tasks consume valuable human resources. leverage a digital workforce using software robots to automate key activities all while easily integrating into easily into existing infrastructures.

mobile engagement experience

mobile is on of the primary channels of preference for customers to engage. simply and enhance the customer journey with a intuitive and elastic mobile experience.

enterprise application experience

siloed data, disparate business process and process orchestration can throttle optimization. reimagine organizational operations built atop an agnostic, elastic and responsive application stack.

self-service / automated-service experience

blending self-service and automated-service models into a hybrid service model while reducing friction is a complex process. a human-centric approach empowers customers to interact with their environment however they want.

dimitri was tasked with building the first synergy product that enhanced the core legacy kofax capture solution as well as flexed the near real-time process intelligence, visualization and ETL capabilities of altosoft insight.