senior creative technologist

senior level 80% development | 20% mentoring

you aspire to deliver the highest level of technology-infused creativity. you have a strategic mind that can solve complex problems. you know when complexity is necessary, but also when it isn’t. you have a track record of performance, an insatiable drive to build solutions, and continually challenge yourself. you always want to know the “why” before the “how.” we’re researchers at heart, and you have a love for emerging technologies and creating solutions. you thrive in the creative process with quick, critical thinking and while you’re comfortable not knowing “the answers,” you’re infinitely curious to figure them out. naturally, your portfolio not only rocks, but also reflects your diversity of mediums and interests.

you will balance multiple jobs in various stages of production. you’ll have the authority and capability to clearly articulate your vision for systems and design to our team and clients.


execute high-level development and technology needs for each project. research, collect and distill information into a technology vision. r&d for existing and emerging technologies on special projects. work with design and sales teams on presentations and collectively iterate to fruition.

team leadership

mentor creative technology staff. inspire and teach. be a voice of focus, lighting the path forward.


4+ years creative technology experience in a fast-paced and design-focused company. fluency in a handful of languages such as c++, python, javascript, etc. fluency in a handful of technologies such as cinder/open frameworks, threejs/pixijs, touch designer, arduino, etc. experience working with embedded systems, sensors, and physical computing.


semi-annual meetings to evaluate professional progress and goals. review core responsibilities, professional and personal goals.

soft skills

great communicator
collaborative team player
problem solver
intimate collaboration with designers
proven drive
time management skills

dimitri snowden™ is an equal opportunity employer. i enthusiastically support diversityin the workforce.

the biggest mistake that you can make is to believe that you are working for somebody else. job security is gone. the driving force of a career must come from the individual. remember: jobs are owned by the company, you own your career!

~ earl nightingale