dimitri snowden® designs brilliant experiences based on a fusion of technology, customer anthropology and digital content.

human beings are moved by emotional and physical stimuli because humans are complex.

dimitri approaches experience design through ontology and ethnographic studies.  his multi-disciplinary approach creates impactful experiences for tv networks, ad agencies, corporations, small businesses, law enforcement and ems.

business experience

content production (since '17)

dimitri moves viewers/customers/users through an immersive visuals. dimitri pinpoints and highlights value propositions, emotion and action through captivating stories and experiences.

dx (digital transformation) (since '12)

dimitri is a full-stack digital transformation expert who understands the role of both the business owner and the end user (customer), as well as solution developer. his digital transformation cross-channel strategies are ideated, developed and executed to streamline multi-channel business processes, reduce operational costs, mitigate risks, and pinpoint low probability/high impact events.

his unique collaboration methodology ensures that he has a comprehensive understanding of your business and customer personas as those personas experience a given business channel of preference.

customers beneficially gain an innovative solution that creates a high-value, low-risk digital transformation initiative experience.

robotic process automation (since '12)

dimitri develops data acquisition, data aggregation and data presentation solutions using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) methodologies. his RPA solutions reduce FTE allocation, eliminate human redundancy and increase data acquisition efficiency. his “robots” capture and interpret existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems.

analytic application development (since '11)

dimitri designs and builds web based and mobile ready analytic applications that utilize both multidimensional databases, relational databases and a myriad of structured datasources. he will then translate the complex data sets into business focused metrics that aides his clients in making actionable, data driven decisions. his customized analytical applications and dashboards lets his clients consolidate the most needed information of their businesses so they can quickly measure, analyze and act on data in the context of their organization’s processes as needed. he is their statistical workbench for constructing tailored applications in any problem context they choose.

human-robot interaction (hri) (since '07)

dimitri develops robots, robotic systems and platforms that can work cooperatively with people in dynamic human environments. his applications include building systems that are cognitively compatible with humans in tandem, mechanical systems that account for human capabilities, and control systems that model interactions with humans.

automotive design (since '04)

dimitri works with clients who are passionate about interpreting their style and design language into reality. he pushes race teams, prototype companies and private parties to be in sync with the latest disruptive technologies as well as create and define an original automotive experience. since 2004, he has created original and fleet automotive experiences on both oem (bmw, lotus, range rover, dodge, chevy, nissan and hyundai) platforms and prototype platforms.

business management (since '03)

dimitri manages and continuously advances business strategies in order to propel companies to the next level and beyond! in order to encourage growth within companies, he represents and conducts positive business practices, while adhering to companies’ needs and standards. he screens potential business deals by analyzing market strategies, potential, and financials.

he serves as a business development thought leader and subject matter expert. as a business thought leader, he develops, manages, and leads effective growth strategies focusing on charity partnerships for projects, initiatives, and companies.

lastly, he is responsible for increasing companies’ gross revenue by developing new partnerships and simultaneously growing existing partnerships with charitable organizations. he establishes and grows new partnerships by coordinating requirements, developing and negotiating contracts, and defining the needs and goals of partners. he has a proven track record of identifying and capitalizing on partnership agreements.

marketing & brand management (since '00)

dimitri invents and creates simple yet elegant brand strategies for companies. in doing so, he is able to redefine normalcy and contend “the usual” when it comes advancing a brand image. he knows how to leverage a captive audience and direct placement in order to deliver relevant and fresh messages. his passion lies within developing innovative engagement strategies and revolutionary expressions of the things clients enjoy everyday.

ui/ux & aesthetic design design (since '98)

dimitri has dedicated himself to assisting clients as they achieve their business goals through an intuitive user centric design approach. he absolutely thrives on beautifully blending user interface (ui) with user experience (ux) in an effort to make complex interactions simple, compelling and meaningful both digitally and physically. with over 15 years of success in optimizing user engagement for brands such as clear channel, radio one, altosoft, musical dna, he is well versed in providing compelling user experiences to improve brand loyalty, customer retention and product/service usability.

a few notable things

dry cell battery 2018

re-invented a lithium-ion double a, micro usb rechargeable battery

television 2017

the first plural african american family to be featured on primetime tv in a non-documentary style format.

analytics 2013

invented analytics for capture – the first real time analytics software for icr data extraction and operational management.

charter school 2010

created the first charter school in the nation with a wind farm.

hyundai 2009

invented the first dot compliant led halo headlamps for the hyundai platform.

mass transit 2004

created first mass transit video advertising network, mvideo, for indygo.

tactical training

close quarter combat

tae kwon do
muay thai
american boxing
knife / counter knife


advanced hand guns
advanced carbine / rifles
shot guns
low light
force on force


hot breach
active shooter
low light clearing
multi elevation clearing
noise disipline

tactical medicine

bleeding control
wound management


purdue ('21)

integrated pest management (ipm)

ucla ('20)

– emr (emergency medical responder)
– emt (emergency medical technician)

academy of theatrical combat ('19)

– cutlass fighting
– falls/tumbles
– hand to hand

evolv acting studio ('17 - '18)

– chubbuck technique

mit visual arts ('17 - '19)

dimitri is currently working on undergraduate courses in film and video. (accomplished via mit non-accredited courseware)

mit electrical engineering ('11 - '16)

dimitri completed both undergraduate courses and graduate courses on robotics, control systems and hri (human-robot interaction). (accomplished via mit non-accredited courseware)

institute of noetic sciences ('12 - '14)

dimitri attended the institute of noetic sciences to better understand human consciousness, cognitive awareness and philosophy. (non accredited).

itt tech ('02 - '04)

at itt technical institute, dimitri learned and mastered integrated circuits, motor controllers, micro controllers, resistors, transistors, capacitors and other electronic components.

cleveland institute of electronics ('00 - '02)

dimitri attended the cleveland institute of electronics to acquire the knowledge of basic and advanced computer hardware systems.



expiry: 2024

security guard

expiry 2023

wildland fire

expiry 2024

fire guard

expiry 2025

bls certified

renewed 2021

aed certified

renewed 2021

basic first aid certified

renewed 2021

cpr certified

renewed 2021

first responder awareness (hazmat level 1)

renewed 2017

national crisis prevention intervention

renewed 2014

heavy equipment operator

renewed 2014