my bed bug lawyer case study

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dimitri’s ontological methodology ensures a human-centered approach is at the forefront of brand awareness, product design and software experiences.

my bed bug lawyer was able to reimagine a customer’s journey by leveraging dimitri’s deep expertise in human behavior, process engineering and automation technologies. 

establish brand awareness and stickiness

create an exciting market consciousness

leverage human-centric product design

create frictionless mobile experience


my bed bug lawyer is the most recognized name in bed bug litigation. the firm represents victims of bed bug infestations that commonly occur in hotels, in apartments, furniture, and shared public transportation. the firm brings apartment owners, hotel operators, and furniture retailers to justice for exposing people to bedbugs.

seeing the possibilities

my bed bug lawyer is growing fast and it is the most successful bed bug litigation firm in the world. the firm is on the leading edge of technology driven litigation by empowering victims and general users to screen their living quarters, rooms, furniture and travel seats with an optic device and mobile app.

my bed bug lawyer is continually evolving to meet the needs of the community it serves. for this, my bed bug lawyer partners with dimitri snowden™. we work together to create and deliver an innovative technology platform, uphold a unified brand presence, while also allowing my bed bug lawyer to keep expanding its reach in the broader enterprise market.

choosing the experience

dimitri snowden™ worked with the my bed bug lawyer team to strengthen and clarify their core technology and brand elements. we also conduct yearly brand surveys to gauge the impact of our work together, and to gather insights from the my bed bug lawyer community that influence product roadmaps and communication strategies. our projects include:

• refreshing the logo and visual identity
• redesign and overhaul of websites
• designing and developing the optic hardware and software (ie wand and mobile app)
• defining product brand architecture
• naming products
• creating social media campaigns
• producing tv ready commercials
• designing trade show materials

bringing the brand to life

one of the first projects dimitri snowden™ worked on was refreshing the logo and creating brand standards as a guide for the future.

we strived to create a color palette and typographic style reflective of the my bed bug lawyer brand: modern, simple, elegant, professional—yet reflective of their deep empathic roots. from there we developed a flexible pattern, founded in the concept of connectivity.

product design

dimitri snowden™ worked closely with the my bed bug lawyer team to design and develop a high-resolution optic device:

• that was easy-to-use and user friendly
• ergonomically compliant for all user types
• affordable for the widest spectrum of users
• adaptive to small spaces, low light and obstructed environments
• an agnostic to a user’s mobile device while delivering high quality images to the my bed bug lawyer back end systems

software design

to be paired with the optic device, dimitri snowden™ developed a mobile app:

• that is mobile device and tablet agnostic
• that is highly intuitive for all users
• can seamlessly support for 3 persona groups: general users, extermination users and property owners
• that securely transmits data and images into a dynamic and flexible backend to support bed bug confirmation or denial?

designing a product portfolio

my bed bug lawyer’s suite of hardware and mobile application technologies demanded dimitri snowden™ to create a suite of a cohesive visual system to help align their products across the entire portfolio.

campaigns - reinforcing value

my bed bug lawyer is comprised of an aggressive, experienced team, with the legal skill needed to overcome the pain and frustration of a bed bug infestation. working alongside the my bed bug lawyer team, dimitri snowden™ designed campaign elements that powerfully reinforce the value of the firm, including:
• a dynamic and contextual website
• social media campaign
• trade show materials
• captivating video production

touch points - creating a cohesive brand experience

dimitri snowden™ worked with my bed bug lawyer to create a cohesive brand experience across all touch points. we’ve designed and produced everything from data sheets, emails, and newsletters to case studies, landing pages, trade show booths, and swag. in preparation for new feature launches, we’ve created e-book covers, company presentations, and trade show booths. each piece helps to expand the brand experience across new media.

the road ahead

my bed bug lawyer and dimitri snowden™ continue to work together as partners to engage the my bed bug lawyer community that is going to depend on us. ongoing work with the my bed bug lawyer team has led to new discoveries—helping shape a modern and dynamic brand as the brand continues to evolve and grow.

i don’t know how dimitri does it – but he was able to rebuild our entire brand, create engaging marketing campaigns, develop a hardware product and develop mobile app with expansive backend while putting “humans first”.  everything he did, revolved around people!  he is a genius!

~ ceo of my bed bug lawyer