Turning smartphones and tablets into “powerful customer engagement platforms” is the project of mobile capture specialist, Kofax.

It is also the technology for which the company was awarded its first Best of Show trophy at FinovateAsia in Singapore in November.

Kofax Mobile Capture puts the company’s innovations in image perfection, data extraction, and validation technology to work at what the company calls the “point of origination.” By leveraging the camera technology on the average smartphone or tablet, Kofax empowers users to capture a diverse range of documents and data – including photographs – and transmit them securely and safely to business apps and workflows.
Why They Won:
  • In an era of shoppers taking photographs of newly-empty cans and jars instead of scribbling out an old-fashioned grocery list, audiences see Kofax Mobile Capture and they get it. Finding new ways to put our precious smart devices to use will be a winning plan for innovators in the fintech space for some time.
Bottom Line:
  • The big question for Kofax is how will they continue to leverage the functionality of smartphones and smart devices to make information and data travel more efficiently for consumers and businesses. Fortunately, the company provided a few clues in their demo – and a few more in our interview below.

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