consulting services

discovery · plan · execute

it is easy to become overwhelmed by all of the choices and options available when it comes to your organization’s applications.

dimitri’s software implementation consultancy will help understand your needs and develop a plan of action to help you meet your business goals.


discover what problem to solve for.

plan the solution strategy.

execute the execution strategy.


whether you need custom apps for mobile, web or desktop, i help clients build and upgrade custom software to automate business processes with a balance of technical and deep industry-specific expertise. you can utilize the power of the cloud to cut development costs substantially.


many businesses deploy sharepoint with disappointing results, but dimitri’s clients LOVE IT! whether you move to the office 365 cloud or stay “on prem,” dimitri can help dazzle your users with custom intranets, forms & workflow solutions, records management, and collaboration solutions.


whether you’ve got big data or small, fast data or slow, business intelligence consulting services help dimitri’s clients deliver data management & analytics solutions that break down departmental data silos and enable people go be more productive. analytics from Tableau, tibco, and microsoft power BI provide the right tools for the solution you need.

dimitri was tasked with building the first synergy product that enhanced the core legacy kofax capture solution as well as flexed the near real-time process intelligence, visualization and ETL capabilities of altosoft insight.