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digital transformation design #dx

dimitri’s ideation knows no boundaries and his job is to always start with the customer. through deep behavioral insights about customers, employees and intermediaries combined with his ontological expertise, he helps companies pinpoint the right innovative opportunities and technologies to create a high-value, low-risk digital transformation initiative experience.

human experience design #hdx

dimitri will develop insights, ideas and environments that lead to compelling new experiences. his unique approach spans a diverse range of industries, cross-fertilization is a transformational process that draws from a rich, cross-industry perspective to inspire our design teams and our global clients. This drives dimitri’s culture of innovation and catalyzes his passion for visionary design.

keynote speaking - fireside chat #sx

dimitri is an entertaining, mind bending ontologist. his clever blending of real world experiences, business leadership and understanding of human consciousness ensures dimitri will leave your audience entertained, motivated and wanting more!

software & app development #ux

dimitri creates remarkable experiences for an any-screen-world. he enthusiastically crafts results-driven, award-winning software that is a delight to use. dimitri’s strength is bringing digital processes to business – through a mobile app, a web portal or wearables. he, brings efficiencies to systems and processes and a sense of clarity for your products. dimitri creates digital products that your users will enjoy and marvel on how simple things are.

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