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2014 21/Nov

I engineered the analytical applications that consolidate critical information for businesses. As a result, organizations can quickly measure, analyze and act on data in the context of the organization’s processes as needed. My applications support statistical discovery through this unique combination of interactive graphics and modeling of business optimized metrics, thus allowing organizations to quickly […]

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2014 4/May
awsm robot by dimitri snowden

AWSM is an 800lb robot I developed as the initial installment of the K-8 robotic curriculum that integrates into everyday content areas within common core standards. ASWM stands at a soaring 8 “8” when fully extended. It contains 15 degrees of freedom, 19 servos, rolls and lights up, speaks and it semi-autonomous. In designing AWSM, […]

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2014 21/Apr

I designed the IU/UX framework for Musical DNA™ – a brand new musical instrument that allows you to SEE and sculpt music visually using shapes, colors, and touch points on a circle. No musical training is needed to create and record stunning musical compositions! This ground-breaking App provides a new way to fully discover and […]

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