dimitri snowden builds human experiences

dimitri snowden is an ontological architect and change agent…but wait, wtf is ontology?

ontology is the philosophy that what people design, designs them back (design thinking). in other words: the digital journey you design FOR your customers will be redesigned BY your customers. we are being actively designed by that which we have designed.

dimitri’s ideation knows no boundaries and his job is to always start with the customer. through deep behavioral insights about customers, employees and intermediaries combined with his ontological expertise, he helps companies pinpoint the right innovation opportunities and technologies to create a high-value, low-risk digital transformation experience.

early life

dimitri was born in buffalo, ny to a cuban immigrant and vietnam veteran father and american mother who dedicated her life to enhancing the lives of the intellectually disabled. though his father was a vietnam vet, mit attendee and his mother a humanitarian and holder of a master degree – his parents were very transient which impacted overall stability.

as a young child, this drove dimitri to make sure that he wouldn’t add to the fiscal burden his parents already carried, so at 12 years old he started cutting grass and washing cars to earn income. young dimitri enjoyed providing services as well as the experience for his customers. before dimitri left the house at 14 years old, he was making about $100 a week from cutting grass and washing cars.

with a certified iq of 129 and being an autodidact, traditional schooling wasn’t enough for dimitri’s insatiable hunger for knowledge, mentorship and experiences. so after attending two now defunct colleges, dimitri taught himself computer programming, became certified in many technical skills and also took interest in quantum mechanics and noetic sciences.


dimitri has created educational experiences for thousands of elementary students, coined “robotic experience design”, invented and reinvented enterprise software applications for fortune 100 and fortune 500 companies, spoken domestically and internationally to thousands of business professionals and introduced new concepts of human consciousness into practical application. 

guiding principles

  • be present
    • be INside the moment of now and focus.
  • last name first
    • your last name is what will be imprinted into history. 
  • absolutely nothing is impossible
    • there is always a way to solve a problem.
  • be prepared
    • stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.
  • my mess is my [mess]age
    • own my shit. take responsibility and be accountable at all times.
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