dimitri seneca snowden – ontological architect and change agent. his mastery in the practice of designing applications, solutions, processes, products, services, and environments with a focus placed on the quality of the user experience has proved a successful career for him. ontological design is dimitri’s way of characterizing the relationship between human beings and lifeworlds, actualizing the human imagination, design meets consciousness and co-actively authoring “mindware” into reality.

but wait, wtf is ontology?  in short, ontology is the philosophy that; everything that we design in turn designs us back.  we are being actively designed by that which we have designed.

dimitri is gifted in crafting experiences for large corporations and amazing individuals through the principals of ontology. he manages and continuously advances simple to complex strategies in order to propel the companies and individuals he teams with to the next level and beyond!

his ideation knows no boundaries; his tenacity and genius work together to transform the mundane to awesome. dimitri’s work is a reflection of his passion to enhance the human experience. he helps his clients reach their goals through the creation of unique experiences for clients, as well as consumers.

as a change agent and thought leader, dimitri develops, manages, and leads an effective translation strategy by focusing on the space between the human and the object, solution, product or service.  dimitri establishes and grows new partnerships by coordinating requirements, developing and negotiating contracts, and defining the needs and goals of partners. he has a proven track record of identifying and capitalizing on partnership agreements. he is respected for representing and creating positive business practice outcomes and revenue.

dimitri’s is not driven by a single dimension of design discipline or change agentry. instead, he is driven by a cross-discipline perspective that considers multiple aspects of the brand, business, environment, experience, service and product. dimitri develops experiences along any or all of the following six dimensions:

  1. duration (initiation, immersion, conclusion, and continuation)
  2. intensity (reflex, habit, engagement)
  3. breadth (products, services, brands, nomenclatures, channels/environment/promotion, and price)
  4. interaction (passive < > active < > interactive)
  5. triggers (all human senses, concepts, and symbols)
  6. significance (meaning, status, emotion, price, and function)

as an autodidact, dimitri enjoys studying quantum mechanics, noetic sciences and robotics (hri – human, robot interaction). he also professionally races cars in formula d (drift), drag and tour for street modified class and recently retired as an accomplished professional mma fighter (16 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss).

dimitri is first generation afro-cuban born in buffalo, ny and raised “all over”.  he lives by 3 simple principles:

  1. last name first.a person should always be building something bigger than self and that something should persist the family name/legacy. from this mantra comes loyalty and honor.
  2. stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.a person should always be prepared for a wide spectrum of things s/he allows into this life. from this lesson comes accountability, responsibility and foresight.
  3. absolutely nothing is impossible. a person should always think big and each day the goal should be to break the universe!  always entertain the adjacent possibilities.  from this lesson comes change agentry, fearlessness and leadership.


a world of pure imagination // dimitri snowden
  1. a world of pure imagination // dimitri snowden