dimitri snowden builds human experiences

dimitri snowden is an ontological architect and change agent…but wait, wtf is ontology?

in short, ontology is the philosophy that; everything that we design in turn designs us back.  we are being actively designed by that which we have designed.

ontology is dimitri’s way of actualizing the human imagination, intersecting design with human consciousness and co-actively authoring “mindware” into reality. simply, what he designs, will design you back.


acquires and aggregates digital and physical data from disparate sources


uses the data to inform and construct his digital and physical designs


applies the design to create a unique and contextual human expiernce by blending the digital and physical worlds


son of an cuban immigrant vietnam veteran father and humanitarian african american mother, dimitri’s early years were largely explorative, transient and full of adversity.

both highly educated and compassionate, his parents introduced young dimitri to the wider world around him-by nurturing his creativity.

he grew up with a heightened sense of possibility, imagination and problem-solving abilities. with a certified iq of 129, his insatiable curiosity revealed itself in enterprising ways. it wasn’t long before young dimitri, who was entrepreneurial-spirited, created several neighborhood businesses including grass-cutting and car washing.

during his 20s, dimitri took a strong interest in quantum mechanics and noetic sciences which led to him becoming a self-taught computer programmer.  once he started programming, he quickly understood, that he was the author for creating epic digital experiences.  this understanding lead dimitri to branch into the study of ontology. as of now, he builds human experiences with software, architecture and automobiles. 

today dimitri lives in the united states with his wife and children.


dimitri has created educational experiences for thousands of elementary students, coined “robotic experience design”, invented and reinvented enterprise software applications for several fortune 100 and fortune 500 companies, spoken domestically and internationally to thousands of business professionals, and introduced new concepts of human consciousness into practical application.

guiding principles

  • nadie viene a salvarte
    • no one is coming to save you
  • my mess is my [mess]age
    • own my shit. i take personal responsibility and hold myself accountable at all times.
  • last name first
    • my last name is what will be imprinted into history. 
  • be present
    • be INside the moment of now and focus.
  • absolutely nothing is impossible
    • there is always a way to solve a problem.
  • be prepared
    • i stay ready so i don’t have to get ready.