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2015 11/Jun
dimitri snowden lego excavator

I am a Master LEGO designer, I build stock and original LEGO models made with: LEGO bricks LEGO Technic assorted elements LEGO WEDO sets LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 (Home and Education edition) Many institutions use my stock and original LEGO models to provide educational services, and to teach STEM concepts in after-school lessons, summer camps, […]

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2014 4/May
awsm robot by dimitri snowden

AWSM is an 800lb robot I developed as the initial installment of the K-8 robotic curriculum that integrates into everyday content areas within common core standards. ASWM stands at a soaring 8 “8” when fully extended. It contains 15 degrees of freedom, 19 servos, rolls and lights up, speaks and it semi-autonomous. In designing AWSM, […]

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